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About Us

We are a very large and very prominent freelance company that allows new writers to work for us based on their qualifications and reputation. Added to which, as writers complete projects they earn a stronger reputation and are able to continue picking projects for which they are paid good money. We ensure the success of as many writers as possible, so long as the writers we accept are willing to put the time, effort and work in that their projects require.

We want to build a strong and coherent freelancer community where work is shared so that all can benefit from the marketing pull our company has. We are able to offer thousands of projects every day, and there are writers out there that can complete the work and earn money. You can be one of those writers and you can create your own working conditions by picking the level of work you choose, by picking deadlines that suit you and quality levels that suit you. We care for our clients by ensuring our writers are happy.

The Benefits Of Working For Us

You can register with our company for free, after which you need only complete a short test and you are accepted. We do not insist on membership fees or levels, so you will not have to work your way up by doing low-paid projects. If you see a highly paid project and you want to take it on, then you are able to do it as soon as your profile is accepted by our admin staff.

The quality of the work we supply if varied, but it is your choice if you take it on. The pay rates vary, as do the deadlines, but you are the one that chooses whether you do the work or not — we do not force work onto our writers. This means you can choose your own hours and your own working environment by applying through our and setting up your own office at home.

We have support managers that are here to help you as a writers, and at any given time there are projects on the books that you can do. We have a constant and steady flow of projects, which you can take so long as you have the skills and education needed to complete the work. Make a living from the work we provide.

How It Works

First, you have to apply for a free account on our website. You have to register and then take a short test. Once you have completed your test you will have your decision sent to you. If you are accepted, then you may look at the work boards. There are over 1000 new projects on a daily basis. Once you have completed a few projects, you are paid via a wire transfer, PayPal or Skrill.