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George R.

Just three months ago I graduated and without thinking about it, I found I was a little dubious at first until in my first month I earned $800 from working 1 hour per day. To think I have just spent three years in college doing this for free, when I could have been working for and making a fortune.

George R., USA

Gabriel S.

I now have a doctorate degree in architecture, and I really wanted to write about architecture and modern design but wasn’t getting the chance. Now I work for Essay Writing Jobs and am able to write about it whenever I like.

Gabriel S., Brasil

Manuel C.

The application process was very simple and very easy, and I have the customer service department to thank for that. I now have more work than I ever thought was possible and I am earning a small fortune.

Manuel C., Austria

Jonathan M.

They offer a fantastic online platform for writers where there are more projects than there are writers. There are no fees and they have a massive amount of new orders every day. After just four months, I have earned plenty of money and have never had payment problems. Cheers x

Jonathan M., United Kingdom

Jessica L.

If you get your head down and really work hard, then you can earn around $2000-$3500 per month. It takes a lot of hard work and you will have to accept a few amendment requests, but on the whole, it is a great way to earn money.

Jessica L., Spain